Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If a physician completes a F2F encounter and approves it, but our HH Agency does not believe that the text meets HH regulations, what are our options?

A. The Agency is unable to reply to the physician through the Provider Link portal.  The Agency may decline the F2F and reprocess it through Provider Link as a blank F2F form. 

If you need to change the physician, go to that patient’s referral, inactivate the current F2F encounter and create a new one.  Once you process the F2F, it will be sent to the correct physician by the method in that physician’s profile (Deliver, Fax, Website, etc.)

Q. All of my previously assigned patient activities (unsigned orders / F2Fs and referrals) were deleted from my training dashboard. Why did this happen?

A. In the training environment, someone may reassign a patient from your MD to their MD. You may see this as many are trying to pull patient data.  You can simply go into Demo User Admin if needed to assign additional patient orders, F2Fs, etc.  This may also occur following a Training Environment “Refresh” every other month.

Q. What Notification does the Agency receive and to whom does the signed order come for validating and processing recently signed orders & F2Fs?

A. When orders are approved and signed by the physician via Provider Link, they flow directly to the orders console.  Unlike faxed signed orders, there is no work flow required with a PL signed order (getting fax off of fax machine, scanning, etc.) so there is no workflow task, the order status will automatically be changed to “signed by physician electronically” and the signed order will flow to the order console to the medical record.

Q. Is there a way for a physician to create an order and send it to the HC agency?

A. No, a physician cannot create or edit an order through Provider Link. If an order is declined by the physician, it will come to the Brookdale agency DPS as a Workflow task.

Q. If a physician is using PL with a competitor Agency who uses HCHB, will they have separate log-ins per Agency?

A. Yes

Q. How can an Agency verify whether or not Orders / F2F Encounters have been signed via Website?

A. There are 2 ways to verify whether Orders & F2Fs have been signed via Website:

  1. In R2 > Order Console > search by primary MD or How Sent? > Load Order Console > scroll right (F2Fs signed via website are located here as well).
  2. R2 > Order Tracking Report > Filter by Primary Physician and website
    • To validate a signed order: In the Big H > Medical Records > Order > Print Order > scroll to the bottom of the order. It must read “physician electronically signed” to be valid.

Q. Will a physician’s orders “to be signed” that were previously faxed show up on the physician’s Provider Link Dashboard?

A. No, only order workflow following their switch from Fax to Website will display on the Dashboard.

Q. Will Provider Link work on all computers?

A. Recommended browsers for Provider Link include Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, and Mozilla Firefox.

Note: If you experience any display issues with Internet Explorer, you may need to change your Compatibility View Setting.

Adobe Reader is required to view orders. You may download the free software from Adobe’s web site by clicking this link.

The recommended operating system is Microsoft Windows.

There was an upgrade released in December 2012 that enables Provider Link to operate on an iPad, but there is nothing in the works to make it compatible with a Mac computer.

Q. When a physician “Writes a Note” in Provider Link, where does it go?

A. The physician’s note will arrive as an Administrative task for the DPS / ADPS in the “Review Coordination Notes” section in the Big H as a Physician Website Communication Note.
Physician Note Admin Panel

Q. Can a physician practice save and/or print elements of the patient’s Medical Record?

A. Yes – you can print/export all orders and F2F documents no matter what the status is. 

To Export F2F- Select patient > Print >View Report

print encounters screen grab

F2F Report

The same applies for orders:
Order screen

Q. What is the most effective means for the Physician and/or Support User to communicate with the Agency regarding a specific patient concern?

A. The “Write Note” Function from the Portal is processed as a Physician Website Coordination Note to the Agency DPS & ADPS as an Administrative Task.

  • Write Note grabThe Write Note menu only appears for physicians.
  • The Write Note page allows physicians to send a Coordination Note concerning a client to the Agency that can be viewed in HCHB. 
  • Steps for creating a Physician Website Communication coordination note from within Provider Link:
    • Once logged in, click the Patient Info link in the upper toolbar
    • Check the checkbox for a client, and then click the Write Note link in the left-hand panel
    • Enter note information, and then click the Add button
  • The Write Note feature should not be used for urgent communication since coordination notes will only be visible to the agency if they are set up to be reviewed.
  • These notes are not included as part of the Medical Record. (For note setup instructions, see the Provider Link Administration User Manual.)

Q. Physician Group Practice filters:

1. When a group physician logs on, does he or she see the orders for all physicians in the group? Yes  If so, is there a sort function to sort by assigned physician? There is a drop-down filter that allows you to select the physician that is assigned.

2. When it comes to non-physician staff, will they be able to use a single login and have access to all physicians in the group? If the non-physician staff member is assigned to a physician that is in a group, then that member will see all orders, F2Fs, and patients assigned to those physicians.  Again, is there a sort function? The same filtering is available.
Filtering Orders

Q. In the Hospice service line, can the Medical Director process F2F Encounters through Provider Link?

A. Currently, Provider Link does not support Hospice F2F. This is primarily due to the dramatic difference in HH and Hospice F2F requirements, and Provider Link is not coded to handle pre-episode completion requirements of a Hospice F2F. 

We have received a few enhancement requests from agencies who would like to see Provider Link extended to support Hospice F2F. Our Product Management team is considering the requests, but no official decisions / timelines have been provided.

The Medical Directors for Hospice can obtain a login and either log in to HCHB on a laptop, such as the DPS, or they can download citrix on their own laptop. They log in and document their IDG notes and also can go into the F2F console and document the F2F and that can be merged onto the CTI so they get both documents completed.

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